Bollywood Rajasthani Songs

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The Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India is called as Bollywood. When compared with other film industries in India like Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil, Hindi film industry or bollywood is considered as the largest in terms of number of films produced.

Most of the bollywood films are music based and almost all the bollywood films will have at least one song. This is because the Indian film fans are mostly music lovers. The songs in bollywood are based on all types of music, like western music, rap music, jazz music, etc… and the industry has not failed to include Rajasthani songs in the films. Some of the most famous bollywood Rajasthani songs are given below:

O Ri Chori - Lagan.
Kangna Re - Paheli.
Nai Hoona Lakin - Perdesh
Merey Ser Pei Dupatta Merey Yar -Ab Thumharey Haley Wathen Sattiyo.
Khwaja Mere Khwaja - Jodha Akbar

The above-mentioned songs are popular bollywood Rajasthani songs and apart from these two songs there are several other songs as well. They are

Dhol Baje Dhol Baje Ke Dhum Dhum
Rangilo Maro Dholna
Ban Than Chali Daikho Ai Chali
Dil Dhum Dhum

Nowadays, many people have the habit of listening to good music. Music of one part of the country is liked by the people from other parts of the same country. It is in this context that Rajasthani songs are being used in Bollywood films and some of the films become popular mainly because of the songs. All types of Rajasthani music like folk music, wedding music, etc… are included in bollywood films. This is one of the reasons for Rajasthani music becoming popular among the people of other parts of the world as well.