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The amazing music of Rajasthan has an exotic flavor, tradition and individuality, which gives a unique quality and feature, which impresses the listeners from all over the world..

They have songs for each and every occasion with a variety of tunes, with rich emotional content and a variety of musical instruments are being used by the musicians of Rajasthan. Their music has traditional forms and is being followed from generation to generation.

The people of Rajasthan enjoy their life to the maximum. They spend time with music and dance. After working hard in the rocky terrain and harsh desert sun, they enjoy music a lot. There are puppet shows, devotional music, drama, singing and dancing and several community festivities, which transform the people of Rajasthani into carefree and fun-loving people. Each and every village of Rajasthan has its own folk song entertainment. Apart from different music of Rajasthan, DJ Rajasthani songs are also popular among the people of other parts of the country and other parts of the world as well.

Different web sites are offering to download DJ Rajasthani songs and nowadays, with the popularity of video web sites, even some web sites are offering DJ Rajasthani songs in video format. Even some other web sites are offering DJ Rajasthani songs in MP3 format. There are also music parties performing DJ Rajasthani songs and these parties can be booked online for performing in your family functions like marriages, engagements, etc…