Rajasthani Folk

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Dance and music are deep-rooted in the life of the people of Rajasthan. The upsurge of life and the stillness of the desert evening in the short-lived rainy season are filled with rhythmic dance, full-throated and soulful music and instruments like morchang, nad, satara, kamaycha and sarangi create a melodious music. The legendary battles of the Rajputs are told through the songs of this state. The music provides a sense of relief to the people from the dust storms and the heat of the land of Rajasthan.

Folk music plays an important role in the life of the people of Rajasthan and this music forms an indispensible component in functions like births, engagements and weddings. They have a wide variety of songs for these functions. There are also songs connected with harvesting and planting. During these activities the villagers sing of their aspirations, fears and hopes. The folk songs of Rajasthan show different moods like happiness, faith, laughter, inter-personal relationship, their union and their love. Folk songs are used by these people for educational purpose as well..

Gorbund is a popular traditional folk song of the state of Rajasthan, which describes the procedure of organizing an ornamental string for a camel. The song shows the beauty in blameless labor. The other folk songs like kurjan, sapno, olyun, hichaki, jallo, lawarji and indhani are also popular.

The state of Rajasthan has got people from different communities and it is the hereditary profession of these communities to sing for the entertainment of others. These communities include Bhawais, Rawals, Nats, Kanchari, Patars, Tangas and Qawwals. These communities are responsible for the popularization of Rajasthani folk songs..