Rajasthani Song

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The State of Rajasthan owns distinct and rich cultural heritage and the state is the home for essential centers of Indian musical development including Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Dance and music form an important part of the culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan.

The songs and music and dance of this state clearly show the spectacular beauty and the atrocious harshness of the landscape. Apart from this, the music also clearly explains the passion, vibrancy, zeal, heroism and grace of the people of this state. The music includes the strength of individuality and it also provides a sense of relief to the people from the daily work life, while bearing the dust and heat storms.

The folk songs of Rajasthan forms an important part in different functions including births, engagements, wedding, etc. The traditional music includes the women’s panihari songs. These songs reflect the daily chores of the life of women centered on wells and water that forms the integral part of the desert culture of Rajasthan.

Music and dance of this state expresses the excitement of the people and people dance vigorously by tapping and swinging their bodies to the expressive music. It is manifested by zestful and vigorous display of the wonderful body movements to the wonderful tune of the musical instruments.

Rajasthani folk music includes the tal for the purpose of effective rendering and several musical instruments like daf, chang, majira, nagara and dholak are used. There are a number of activities in culture scene and Rajasthani music forms the important part of the lives of people like puppet shows, drama, singing, dancing and several other community festivities as well.

Rajasthani songs are becoming popular nowadays, among the people of other states as well and with the development of internet several web sites are offering the facility to download Rajasthani songs.